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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> we begin this noon with a developing story in the district. crews are on the scene of a fire that injured at least two people this noon including a firefighter. >> this is on the 1100 block of oak street in northeast. our sam ford is on the scene. we will check in with him in just a little bit as he is
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gathering more details in this breaking news situation. in the meantime, right now we are learning more about that fire that destroyed a multimillion dollar mansion in annapolis. federal investigators are headed to the scene of this charred home today which is still burning. fire officials say the six family members who remain unaccounted for were likely in the home when the fire started. our jeanette reyes has been following the story from very beginning and she is live in annapolis with what investigators are telling her this noon. jeanette? >> jummy, first, minutes ago we saw a massive response team with a.t.f. to help in this search. that press conference wrapped up just minutes ago here over an hour ago, rather. those six family members are still unaccounted for at this hour. officials are moving forward considering this an active criminal investigation. take a look at these incredible chopper 7 images from live chopper 7.
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it was reduced to smoldering rubble. almost 36 hours after the fire broke out, they have been unable to search the home and look for potential occupants. anne arundel officials say the mansion has essentially collapsed and the rubble is in the thousands of gallons of water used to put out that massive blaze making the search and investigation extremely difficult. executive donald pyle and his wife along with four grandchildren are unaccounted for. we're telling that the school that the missing children attended sent out a letter to parents that they will be closed today. family and friends are preparing for the worst as officials move forward considering all possibilities. >> we are processing evidence and we are processing the scene and we are conducting ourselves in a manner that should we discover the crime has been committed, everything that we've done up to that point is valid and sustainable in a court of law.
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>> and because of the magnitude of this mansion, now the debris that's left, they had to call in really those special crews with a.t.f. to help in this search. to give you some perspective here, an official here said this home, the size of this home is about the size of five average houses which is equivalent to a commercial building. that's what we're dealing with in this search which means they probably won't get to the actual sear this afternoon, tonight, maybe even tomorrow morning. reporting live in annapolis, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> ok jeanette thank you. we want to get back to our top story this noon. crews that are on the scene of a fire that has injured at least two people. we already know one of them is a firefighter. this happened in the 1100 block of oak street northeast. sam ford is live there at this noon with what we know right now. sam? >> we are in the 1100 block and firefighters are still on the scene. residents described a frightening situation and two elderly people are grateful to
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be alive. firefighters arrived to find the four unit building fully engulfed. they said it was an extremely difficult fire because the place was so full of junk they had trouble maneuvering around it and the junk continued to see the flames and smoke. one firefighter was overcome and had to be taken to the hospital before firefighters arrived, a man visiting his sister that he heard people inside the building screaming for help. larry watson that man said he ran into the building and rescued two elderly people. a woman and her son. >> they were on like the top of the steps. on the top of the steps like it was coming out of one their apartments. that's all i could see was smoke. and when i got her, picked her up, he was holding on the back of my shirt. and that's all i know. >> the elderly woman he rescued was also taken to the hospital. he said that the woman and her son remain conscious throughout the situation until she was taken away by ambulance.
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the battalion chief on the scene said this is an example of how dangerous hoarding can be. reporting live in northeast washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> all right, sam, thank you. and this noon all eyes are on the skies. the clouds moving in will bring some wintery weather tomorrow and jacqui is here with a first look at our forecast. >> looks outside right now, looks nice a couple of areas are seeing a couple of sprinkles. live doppler radar is seeing a little bit of moisture stretching back towards front royal. most of that is evaporating before reaching the surface but we could get a brief stray shower as we head through the afternoon hours. main thing will be the clouds that will start increasing gradually throughout the day today ahead of a clipper system that's going to be bringing in some interesting conditions here for tomorrow. in the meantime temperaturewise, we're all above that freezing mark. not too bad here in d.c. with 43 degrees and 39 in culpepper.
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37 in winchester and 43 degrees right now in gaithersburg. so all of the things are starting to come into focus with this clipper heading towards the mid-atlantic states. we do think our temperatures are going to be kind of borderline. it makes it a tricky forecast in terms of accumulations. right now, we think we'll get a little moisture moving through the overnight hours or early tomorrow morning. that could be in the form of rain or snow. i think it will be very light. prepare for damp roads for the morning commute. i don't think it will be a big problem. by the middle of the morning, that's when we'll start to see the rain and snow mixing and around the lunch hour or so i'm expecting all snow and that will be our greatest window of opportunity to get things accumulating. keep in mind areas north and west will see the snow sooner and this will start to taper off as we head towards the evening commute. this may end up being more impactful overall. are we going to get? i'll show you our snowfall
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forecast that's coming up from the weather center 10 minutes from now. jummy? >> we'll see you then thank you. we have new details on the metro smoke investigation. d.c. council members are being briefed on last monday's incident that left a yellow train and the l'enfant plaza station filled with smoke. john gonzalez is at the wilson building with the details we're learning this noon. john? >> good afternoon. now, just over a week after metro's deadly incident at the l'enfant plaza metro station, this afternoon, we are hearing for the first time from metro. the d.c. council is holding a closed door meeting as we speak inside city hall here with the chairman of metro's board of directors, tom downs. now, i mentioned it's a closed meeting to the public but our cameras were allowed in and after the chairman gave a brief statement about not being able to essentially disclose confidential information while the ntsb's investigation is going on the city council didn't hold back.
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several members grilled the transit official wanting to know today if there was negligence with the emergency response last monday. what repairs need to be made immediately to prevent this from happening again and what is the evacuation procedure in an emergency like this? the essentially dodged most of their questions. take a listen. >> the facts are actually important before jumping to a conclusion about what needs to be fixed. this is an investigation. it is independent. it is federally regulated by existing rules and regulations. they're the only independent party that keeps all of us from pointing fingers at each other about who shot who in this process. >> as a metro rider myself i'm hoping to get some answers. i think a lot of people are frustrated and angry by what happened and if i look through this preliminary report this weekend, what i saw was there was a lot of gaps in our communication and make sure the responders were able to get to
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the scene as quick as possible. >> in an attempt to eliminate any rumors or speculations, about th specifics the chairman spoke about today was saying that the reports of fans and ventilation inside the tunnel not working properly last monday are absolutely false. he says that the fans and ventilation systems worked properly. we should have the results of that full ntsb investigation within about six months to a year we're told. reporting live outside of the city hall, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> john thanks for the update there. new developments now this noon into the investigation of a double shooting on a metro bus. police are now looking for two suspects. police say they shot two men on an x2 bus in the 100 block of h street in northwest around 10:30 last night. brianne carter is live at the newsdesk with the latest developments. >> within the last 90 minutes, we've learned that metro officials are looking for two
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people in connection with that shooting inside the metro bus. metro transit police now calling the woman you see in the pictures a person of interest in connection with all of this. police believe she was traveling with the man you see pictured there. he was already identified as a person of interest. both said to be traveling on that bus headed towards minnesota avenue around 10:30 last night. metro officials say that the man was riding on the bus. that they believe that he got off that bus along eighth street northwest. that is when according to authorities, a shooter opened fire striking two men on that bus. new this noon we've learned that those two victims, 21 and 47 years old. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. now, about 40 people were on the bus at the time. at this hour, police are asking anyone with information about either one of these two individuals that they are now calling persons of interest to please give metro transit police a call. reporting live brianne carter,
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abc 7 news. >> all right, brianne. thank you. now to an update on that stabbing in alexandria overnight. police now say the victim's injuries do not appear to be life threatening. investigators say the man was stabbed near james mulligan park in the 3200 block of south 28th street just before 3:00 this morning. police say they are still investigating but do not believe there is any threat to the community. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, it's being called a catastrophic pancake collapse. what officials say happened to make an overpass collapse on a major interstate in ohio. >> and isil holding more hostages. what we've learned about the two people threatened in the latest group video. plus james holmes in court today as the movie theater massacre trial gets under way. why officials expect jury selection to take a while. >> and tracking that winter weather. jacqui is back with the latest mode
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>> new isilhreats this noon the extremist group released a new video overnight threatening two japanese hostages the video appeared to show the same english speaking masked militant as previous videos. he demands ransom in the next 72 hours from japan's prime minister who is visiting the middle east. one of the hostages is thought to be a freelance journalist and the other a japanese citizen who authorities say went to syria to be trained with militants. >> the search for finding 12 jurors for the james holmes murder trial will begin today. nine potential jurors are expected to be pared down beginning today until june. holmes is accused of killing 10 people and injuring 70 others. if jurors find him guilty
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they'll decidether or not to recommend the death guilty. if found not guilty he would be committed to the state mental hospital. right now, police are looking into a deadly overpass collapse on a major interstate in ohio. crews were demolishing the overpass when it caved in killing a construction worker and injuring a semi truck driver. they had to use air bags to left the wreckage and pull the driver out. authorities warn the area around the overpass on i-75 could be closed for days. now, to the big news happening in the district president obama will deliver his state of the union address tonight. he's expected to push for increasing tax on the wealthy, making community college free. they have little chance of getting approval but it could be critical come 2016. >> this could be the legacy state of the union where he realizes that he has two more years in the white house and what is the memory that he wants to leave people with.
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>> this will be president obama's sixth state of the union address and the next to last one of the presidency. be sure to stay with abc 7 and newschannel 8 for complete coverage of the state of the union address. you can watch the speech live right here on abc 7 starting at 9:00 and afterwards join us for reaction and analysis on newschannel 8 and, of course, abc 7 will carry the republican response as well. >> all righty. time to talk the forecast. at least a nice day for anybody who may be heading out tonight. >> not a bad day today. tomorrow, that's a different story. so -- >> you know, not terrible. this is becoming the winter of the clippers isn't it? so this is what our third consecutive one in as many weeks and the impact is going to be medium. the good news is i think this is going to be more of a midday event this time around. so that the morning and evening commutes may be a little bit better. the evening one, i think, we'll be watching a little bit more closely than anything else. so come over to the tv if you're not next to it right now and
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take a look at this. if you are not up early enough to see the sunrise, wow it was spectacular today. gorgeous time lapse for you from the bell haven country club in alexandria where you get a couple of clouds to go with that sun up and enjoy some spectacular color. we have some nice breaks in the cloud cover at this time. some of the blue skies and beautiful noon hour here across most of the region. although a few of the outlets may get a few sprinkles, too and a peek of energy comes through the region. that's the exact average high today and we should top out in another couple. 43 in culpepper. and 46 in lexington park. so as we take a look across the region, look at the temperatures down to the south. 50's and even 60's across north carolina. and we look upstream and temperatures still not too bad in chicago and indianapolis. so there's not a lot of cold air place. this system is going to be dependent on a couple of things one of which is our temperatures.
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and that is very borderline and that's going to be the difference between this week's clipper and last week's clipper is that i think this is going to be a heavy wet snow and everything that hits is not necessarily going to stick. it will be tough to do that across the d.c. metro area. so the disturbance has come out here for today. that could bring a couple of sprinkles mainly west of town. we'll get some of the moisture hooking up with that as you head into tomorrow. that's really going to be the big show. computer models are creating a little bit more of a consensus than they were earlier today. so our confidence is growing in this. there's still not l matchy matchy that i like to see. let's take you through time with this futurecast model showing you just fine conditions through the afternoon hours. clouds are going to be here for tonight. now, this computer model shows us that most of the precip is going to hold off until about mid morning and i think that's a good call. but i couldn't rule out some light stuff into the even for that drive in. be prepared for at least damp roads. you're likely to start more snow in the northwestern suburbs and
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more likely to see rain drops in metro and areas to the south. midday tomorrow between noon and 2:00, that's when we can see the heavier patches of snowfall pushing through the region. as we head into the evening commute, this starts to move off towards the east. we start to dry things up and things look better. so this is a one hit wonder as i like to call it. meaning we're going to deal with this on wednesday and then things look a little bit better on thursday. it might be a little bit of refreeze in the morning. this is the futurecast snowfall. i don't want you to pay attention to these numbers as i want you to show where i'm expecting the snowfall accumulations. that seems to have a pretty good handle on it. so as we get out the snow band map, here's what i'm expecting. for the d.c. metro area, that includes parts of fairfax, loudoun and montgomery counties a trace to an inch. most will be on the grassy areas and expecting mainly wet roads throughout the metro. but areas up to the north that's where accumulations will be a little bit heavier. west towards frederick, hagerstown and martinsburg, you could see one to two inches and locally heavier amounts will be possible. up to three inches. so as we take a look at the
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seven-day forecast the rest of today looks good with 48 degrees. and increasing cloudiness. tomorrow will be our rain/snow day with some accumulations and inconveniences. there may be some early releases rather than late starts is kind of what i'm thinking right now and then we'll be watching a coastal system potentially on saturday. still bringing us some interesting conditions. right now, i'm optimistic that will stay for ourselves. >> something for the evening folks to take care of. not us morning folks for a change. thank you. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, a surprising new prescription for pain. >> why more doctors now say the gym may be your best medicine. that's next.
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>> if you're in pain or need room to improve your health,
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donny be -- don't be surprised if you go to a doctor and get a prescription for get off the couch. liz bonis explains why on today's "7 on your side" health matters report. >> i could not move. i was having muscle spasms. >> late last year after car accident llouman with some bad injuries. >> it was hard getting from the car to the gym. >> so imagine her surprise when her medical team suggested exercise. specifically a program designed by karen sims called exercise is medicine. >> exercise is medicine is a catch phrase for helping people overcome chronic injuries illness, that can be helped with exercise. >> the idea behind this concept is that exercise can often do what medication or any other type of therapy or treatment might not. it can get you moving and body was simply made to move. >> i think -- i really do think that people are becoming more
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aware that you don't have to just sit and exercise does help. >> it's helped kathy so much that even though just months ago -- >> literally, she was on a table. and she couldn't get off the table. >> now, look at her go! >> i want to hit that person sitting on the couch saying i got arthritis. i can't do this. i can't do this. i have a bad thyroid. i've got diabetes. i got all those. you just have to start! you just have to keep moving. >> what's more that kathy now says without karen -->> i would not have been able to have the confidence to just do it. because she said i believe in you. we can get through this together. i will take care o >> it is proof they both say, that sometimes the best prescription is a personal connection more powerful than any pill. i'm liz bonis, abc 7 news. >> stay with us. abc 7 news at noon will be right back.
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>> all right. one last check? >> yeah so maybe a midday event tomorrow. make sure you tune in today at 4:00. chief meteorologist doug hill is here right now we've been collaborating and he'll have an update starting at 4:00. >> all righty. thanks for joining us this
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